Letting Agents: What We Love and Hate

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It’s always useful to understand what employees love and hate about their jobs because it gives you an insight to what motivates them in the workplace.


Recently, several letting agents were surveyed about what they like most and dislike about their job.


RentProfile conducted a survey which discovered that the most enjoyable/liked part of being a letting agent is helping people find a new home (39% of respondents).


Meeting new people was a close second with 36% of respondents saying that this was one of the most enjoyable parts of the job.


A quarter of respondents stated that working as part of a team is one of the enjoyable parts of being a letting agent. What can we say – we’re one big happy family!


Not only this, but 25% of lettings agents enjoy the variety that the role brings. It’s a well-known fact that variety in the workplace is crucial for feeling happy and satisfied which in turn increases the level of productivity. Two days are never the same when you work in lettings!


On the other hand, just like any employment, there are the negatives to any role.


The survey showed that dealing with complaints and having rude clients are the most common dislikes to the role (32% of respondents).


The next most common dislike to the job is admin and repetitive tasks to which 27% of respondents claimed. These tasks may not be where the excitement is, but they are the most important tasks to do.


Long hours and weekend work tends to be included in any job role, even in lettings. Although we may love our jobs, sometimes there is nothing better than being relaxed and comfy at home which is why 20% of respondents stated that this was one of their dislikes about the role.


In the property industry, it’s common to receive enquiries that aren’t serious. It can be frustrating for our agents to chase up enquiries for people who aren’t ready to move, or who are just curious about properties that they have no plans to move into. We will always help you regardless because as discovered in the survey – we love to help people find their next home (39%). We just find it annoying when we don’t find someone their next home.


Lastly, another dislike is the reputation that is attached to the letting agent role with 7% of respondents stated that this was one of their dislikes. There is a stereotype of agents that is linked to the lettings industry as a direct result of bad practice. Bad traditions include agencies doing the bare minimum that the law requires in order to maximise the landlord’s profit. ELR supports both the landlord, and the tenant equally. We want everyone to have a positive experience with us without the worry and stress that can arise with renting.


Our lettings team really do love finding people their next home. It’s what motivates and drives us. We are dedicated in ensuring that you find the perfect home.

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